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CHOKO is a modern luxury hair accessory brand.

Our designs are runway inspired and nature influenced. We juxtapose the feminine and fierce, what is modern with what is nostalgic and create accessories to match the dichotomy of the modern day girl.

CHOKO products are designed and fabricated by hand in our studio ensuring high quality. We are committed to sourcing all materials and labor locally. Our designs are made with crystals, pearls, glass beads, stones and a lot more things.



Choko was born in 2006 under the name of Entice, in Bombay.

She kicked off by producing crazy indo-western attire, footwear, hand-bags and accessories for women.
She showcased across India's finest events. Bombay's then top-notch boutiques like Karma Cola, Moksh and Mogra. also approached her for her products.
Not just this, her products were also featured in Femina in the year 2007.

All these years, Entice worked on her multi-disciplinary art skills and is finally about to make a super-strong comeback, as Choko.

Choko is brainstormed from the beautiful dialect of the Maarwaari's from Rajasthan. It means - Beautiful. The word Beautiful, is an entire universe in itself.

Choko construes a universal artistic taste and is stimulated from everything that circles us, to mold a product that melds with everything.

Say Hello, to Choko.

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